Itís necessary to analise some essential requirements before to describe the steps used in order to create the r-gui executable file for Windows environment.

Firstly it is necessary that the GTKís library and the software R are already installed on the machine. In order to avoid these problem it is necessary to visit this site:




where it is possibile to find the R program and the GTK library. It is necessary to download and install on our machine these files.

Install all the files in the




as will be suggested by the default installation procedure of R. Then it is necessary to install the GTK library. GTK is a library useful for the creation of our executable. Install everything in the folder:




Now, it is necessari to download Inno Setup and Phyton from this site:


            Inno Setup ---> where it is possible to download

5.1.13 version.


            Python ---> where it is possible to download the stable

version 2.4.4.


Other 6 packages are required in order to complete the installation. It is possible to find these packages at the follow link:

These packages are:



By the installation of these packages some useful libraries will be installed in the




folder. Once the installation procedure is terminated it os necessary to download the files stored in the folder:




These files must be copied in a folder (for example c:\src) on the machine. Now, in the new directory there are the follow files or directory:



So far, the procedure used in order to install the R and the GTK library was described. Now, it is possible to find the step to step instruction for the generation of the r-gui-setup.exe.



c:\Documents and Settings\Pippo>






c:\src>python py2exe


With this command the setup-windows and py2exe executables will be run. Then itíll create two folder:




This command copys the files from  c:\src\data to c:\src\dist\data and the files from c:\src\copy-to-windows-dist to c:\src\dist.



Finally itís possible to use the Inno Setup for to generate the executable for windows. Run the Inno Setup and open the r-gui.iss file. This is in the c:\src folder, then launch the run function of Inno Setup. This function will create a new folder in c:\src, called Output; where is possible to find r-gui-setup.exe.

The Inno Setup by default will automatically run the r-gui-setup.exe, then if is all correct a new windows called GENERIC r-gui will be opened.